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Nivel sensitivo e hipotension en obstetricia /Sensory block and hypotension in parturient

Julio 1, 2017. No. 2736

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Nivel del bloqueo sensitive después de raquia como predictor de hipotensión en las parturientas
Level of sensory block after spinal anesthesia as a predictor of hypotension in parturient.
Medicine (Baltimore). 2017 Jun;96(25):e7184. doi: 10.1097/MD.0000000000007184.
When the sensory block level (SBL) is ≥T5 or T4, a high incidence of hypotension occurs in parturients after spinal anesthesia. A rapidly ascending SBL is another risk factor for spinal anesthesia-induced hypotension. However, the relationship between the ascension rate of the SBL and spinal anesthesia-induced hypotension remains unclear.
The earliest and most complete records of the SBL started from the 3rd minute after spinal injection. The threshold spread rate corresponding to the highest accuracy for occurrence of hypotension was an SBL of ≥T8 at the 3rd minute after spinal injection, with 82% and 88% sensitivity and specificity, respectively.The ascension rate of an SBL of ≥T8 at the 3rd minute after spinal injection is as a predictor of hypotension in parturients.

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