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Anestesia y endocrinopatias / Anaesthesia and endocrinopathies

Julio 4, 2017. No. 2739


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Endocrinopatías: las perspectivas actuales y cambiantes en la práctica de la anestesia.
Endocrinopathies: The current and changing perspectives in anesthesia practice.
Indian J Endocrinol Metab. 2015 Jul-Aug;19(4):462-9. doi: 10.4103/2230-8210.159026.Abstract
The gateways to advancements in medical fields have always been accessed through the coalition between various specialties. It is almost impossible for any specialty to make rapid strides of its own. However, the understanding of deeper perspectives of each specialty or super specialty is essential to take initiatives for the progress of the other specialty. Endocrinology and anesthesiology are two such examples which have made rapid progress in the last three decades. Somehow the interaction and relationship among these medical streams have been only scarcely studied. Diabetes and thyroid pathophysiologies have been the most researched endocrine disorders so far in anesthesiapractice but even their management strategies have undergone significant metamorphosis over the last three decades. As such, anesthesiapractice has been influenced vastly by these advancements in endocrinology. However, a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between these two partially related specialties is considered to be an essential cornerstone for further progress in anesthesia and surgical sciences. The current review is an attempt to imbibe the current and the changing perspectives so as to make the understanding of the relationship between these two medical streams a little simple and clearer.
KEYWORDS: Acromegaly; anesthesia for endocrinopathies; craniopharyngioma; diabetes mellitus; endocrinology; phaeochromocytoma; thyroid crisis

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