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Incidencia de eventos perioperatorios adversos en niños obesos sometidos a cirugía general electiva

Incidencia de eventos perioperatorios adversos en niños obesos sometidos a cirugía general electiva  
Incidence of perioperative adverse events in obese children undergoing elective general surgery.
El-Metainy S, Ghoneim T, Aridae E, Abdel Wahab M.
Department of Anaesthesia, Faculty of Medicine, High Institute of Public Health, University of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt.
Br J Anaesth. 2011 Mar;106(3):359-63. doi: 10.1093/bja/aeq368. Epub 2010 Dec 10.
BACKGROUND:A worldwide increase in the prevalence of obesity has been observed in both developed and developing countries. Few studies have addressed the anaesthetic or perioperative implications of childhood obesity. METHODS: Children aged 2-16 yr undergoing general surgery were classified using age- and sex-adjusted BMI. Patient characteristic, co-morbidity, and perioperative data were collected to ascertain the risks associated with overweight and obese children. RESULTS: We enrolled 1465 subjects in our study, of which 154 (10.5%) were classified as obese and a further 223 (15.2%) as overweight. After adjusting for age, we identified increased rates of arterial haemoglobin desaturation, difficult mask ventilation, airway obstruction, and bronchospasm in obese children. The relative risk (RR) of adverse respiratory events was higher among obese subjects than non-obese subjects and higher in younger age groups. Controlling for age, adjusted-RR (confidence interval) was 1.49 (1.2-1.86). There was a significant association between obesityand asthma with a higher odds ratio (OR) in younger age groups controlling for age: adjusted-OR=1.8 (1.15-2.82). A significant association was detected between obesity and sleep apnoea controlling for age: adjusted-OR=4.03 (2.37-6.8). CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest an increased incidence of perioperative adverse respiratory events in obese children, especially at younger ages. 

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