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Neuropatía dolorosa diabética aguda

Neuropatía dolorosa diabética aguda. Una forma rara, remitente de neuropatía aguda distal de fibras pequeñas
Acute painful diabetic neuropathy: an uncommon, remittent type of acute distal small fibre neuropathy.
Tran C, Philippe J, Ochsner F, Kuntzer T, Truffert A.
Swiss Med Wkly. 2015 May 5;145:w14131. doi: 10.4414/smw.2015.14131. eCollection 2015.
INTRODUCTION: Acute painful diabetic neuropathy (APDN) is a distinctive diabetic polyneuropathy and consists of two subtypes: treatment-inducedneuropathy (TIN) and diabetic neuropathic cachexia (DNC). The characteristics of APDN are (1.) the small-fibre involvement, (2.) occurrence paradoxically after short-term achievement of good glycaemia control, (3.) intense pain sensation and (4.) eventual recovery. In the face of current recommendations to achieve quickly glycaemic targets, it appears necessary to recognise and understand this neuropathy. METHODS AND RESULTS: Over 2009 to 2012, we reported four cases of APDN. Four patients (three males and one female) were identified and had a mean age at onset of TIN of 47.7 years (±6.99 years). Mean baseline HbA1c was 14.2% (±1.42) and 7.0% (±3.60) after treatment. Mean estimated time to correct HbA1c was 4.5 months (±3.82 months). Three patients presented with a mean time to symptom resolution of 12.7 months (±1.15 months). One patient had an initial normal electroneuromyogram (ENMG) despite the presence of neuropathic symptoms, and a second abnormal ENMG showing axonal and myelin neuropathy. One patient had a peroneal nerve biopsy showing loss of large myelinated fibres as well as unmyelinated fibres, and signs of microangiopathy. CONCLUSIONS: According to the current recommendations of promptly achieving glycaemic targets, it appears necessary to recognise and understand this neuropathy. Based on our observations and data from the literature we propose an algorithmic approach for differential diagnosis and therapeutic management of APDN patients.
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