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Houston Foot Specialists: Running & Ankle Pain

Houston Foot Specialists: Running & Ankle Pain: (Photo credit: Wikipedia ) If you have a love for running, there are scores of races this fall taking place in many cities in Texas for ...

Houston Foot Specialists

Dr. Jeffrey N Bowman is the Podiatrist for Houston Foot Specialists. As a podiatric physician, Dr. Bowman is well known for his skills as a surgeon in foot and ankle surgeries and has been awarded many honors for his work in the podiatric field.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Running & Ankle Pain

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you have a love for running, there are scores of races this fall taking place in many cities in Texas for you to choose from! The Splash-n-Dash on September 17th, 2013 and the Casa Superhero Run on September 21st, 2013 – both in Austin, TX – are favorites and are sure to put you to the test while having a ton of fun!

Nothing is more frustrating when you are a runner than having to deal with ankle pain, either in training or during the run. The ankle is made up of a lot of muscles and ligaments and provides much of the propulsion your body needs during each stride. The ankle has to endure a lot of stress during running and there are a few reasons why you may have some pain in this area.

One cause could be something called posterior tibial tendonitis. A muscle that runs down your leg, behind the inside of your ankle and into the arch of your foot can become overworked, torn and inflamed. With this condition, you may feel pain on the inside of your ankle. Running on uneven surfaces or having a foot that overpronates (rolls inward) could put you at risk for this injury. Landing the wrong way on your foot one day could also have caused a sprain that you weren’t aware of at first. This may be another reason for recurring pain, as continued running hasn’t allowed ligaments to heal properly. Overtraining could have resulted in an unseen stress fracture, which is a small hairline break in a bone that can lead to significant pain when the foot has to bear a lot of weight.

If icing and some rest from running don’t take your ankle pain away, it is time to come in and see Dr. Jeff Bowman for an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your pain and the right treatment to get rid of it. A custom orthotic might be just what you need to get rid of ankle pain by realigning your ankle and foot while you run. Take your foot health seriously and call Houston Foot Specialists today for an appointment at (713) 467-8886.

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