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Anestésicos y anti-inflamación / Anti-inflammatory properties of anesthetic

Abril 9, 2017. No. 2654

Propiedades anti-inflamatorias de los anestésicos
Anti-inflammatory properties of anesthetic agents
Fernanda Ferreira Cruz1 , Patricia Rieken Macedo Rocco1 and Paolo Pelosi
Cruz et al. Critical Care (2017) 21:67
For more than a century, experimental and clinical studies have reported that anesthetic agents have diverse effects on the immune system. Despite rapid development in the fields of immunology and anesthesiology in recent decades, the specific mechanisms by which each anesthetic drug affects the immune system remain unclear. Here, we will define innate and adaptive immunity, present factors that can lead to immune dysregulation during the perioperative period, describe the effects of some of the most common anesthetic drugs on immune cells and cytokines, and discuss the possible clinical implications of the use of these drugs 

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