viernes, 22 de mayo de 2015

Anestésicos volátiles/Volatile anesthetics

Farmacología molecular de los anestésicos volátiles
The Molecular Pharmacology of Volatile Anesthetics
Borghese, Cecilia M. PhD
International Anesthesiology Clinics:
Spring 2015 - Volume 53 - Issue 2 - p 28-39

Volatile anesthetics (VAs) transformed medical practice, although their impact may now be taken for granted. More than 150 years after they were introduced, VAs are now ubiquitous in operating rooms, but should not be considered commonplace in terms of our understanding of how they act. Despite their history of use, there is still much to learn about them, including their precise mechanism of action.
Insensibilidad durante operaciones quirúrgicas producidas por inhalación
Insensibility during Surgical Operations Produced by Inhalation
Dr. Charles A. Lee
Boston Med Surg J 1847; 35:518-519
Anestesia y Medicina del Dolor
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