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Vía aérea en UCI/ICU airway

Reintubación en pacientes graves: Complicaciones e implicaciones.

Reintubation in critically ill patients: procedural complications and implications for care.
Jonathan Elmer, Sean Lee, Jon C Rittenberger, James Dargin, Daniel Winger, Lillian Emlet
Critical Care 2015, 19:12 doi:10.1186/s13054-014-0730-7
In critically ill patients, re-intubation is common and may be a high-risk procedure. Anticipating a difficult airway and identifying high-risk patients can allow time for life-saving preparation. Unfortunately, prospective studies have not compared the difficulty or complication rates associated with reintubation in this population. ..... Conclusion: In this cohort of reintubated patients, clinically important procedural complications were significantly more common on last intubation compared to first.

Extubación traqueal y reintubación de los pacientes graves: Desafíos que van y vienen
Tracheal extubation and reintubation of the critically ill - challenges coming and going
Matteo Parotto, Richard M Cooper.
Critical Care 2015, 19:151 (27 March 2015)
Tracheal reintubation is a common event in critical care. Elmer and colleagues provide the first comparison of complication rates of initial and subsequent reintubation(s) during the same hospitalization. Their work shows an increased risk of complications associated with reintubation, in particular hypoxemia and hypotension, reminding us to be cautious with patients having minimal reserve and potentially altered airway anatomy.
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