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Hipertensión arterial

Marzo 14, 2016. No. 2265


Una revisión sistemática de las intervenciones del estilo de vida para reducir la presión arterial.
A systemic review on lifestyle interventions to reduce blood pressure.
Vooradi S, Mateti UV.
J Health Res Rev 2016;3:1-5
Hypertension (HTN) is considered a major predominant disease with different comorbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular and renal disorders. Pharmacological methods in addition to nonpharmacological methods play a major role in reducing high blood pressure (BP) that might also offer safe and effective alternatives to drug therapy. Dietary and behavioral techniques are mainly centered so far by the researchers. The purpose of this article is to achieve positive therapeutic outcomes by reviewing evidence-based nonpharmacological treatments and evaluation of patients with HTN. MEDLINE, PUBMED databases were used to review relevant information. HTN with different comorbidities is not only raising the mortality rates but also health-care costs. The monetary burden for nonpharmacological treatment was considered less cost-effective than drug therapy. It is emphasized that providing patient information leaflet with lifestyle modifications can positively influence patients to marque the lifestyle changes.
Keywords: Hypertension, intervention, lifestyle, nonpharmacological
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